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Reboot Jesus


The reboot craze in Hollywood comes to an unholy frenzy as a creative team (who happen to be Atheists) come up with, then wind up protecting the most well-known public domain character in the world as they reboot the character called Jesus Christ. Read along as Hollywood vies to make the most scandalous and updated version they can get away with... of the greatest story ever told.

Watch the greatest story ever told unfold before you very eyes, using scripted imagination to show the different pitches and the escalating craziness that our writer Paul becomes embroiled in innocently enough through a satirical look at cancel culture and having a conversation of the two things most people hold dear. Jesus and the media.

Check out Vincent's blog "The Word With V." or if you are interested in Author Direct signed copies at



I totally lol'd, but that is NOT the way it happened. - Lucifer


Just so you know, you are totally going to hell. Love you. - Dad


Who doesn't like a little Vaudeville?

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