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Books from Vaudeville Press - Fiction/Satire


Vaudeville Press, LLC is proud to announce the initial traditional publishing schedule for our first year. We have great stories to tell. As in the days of old when Vaudeville theaters once graced our landscape, sharing the edgy storytelling of the day we are here to do the same thing. Add a little spice, put a little Vaudeville in it. Your name in lights. A place to be entertained in a way that often times pushed the envelope but yet made you laugh at yourself and even dance a step or two. Here at Vaudeville Press, LLC., the stage is yours in our theater of the mind, where everyone is welcome.

The Book of Vito Bupkis



Read along with Vito's unique and comedic rants on society. Not driven by anger, but rather fueled by the stupidity of society at large as he gives witness with a front row seat on his views. Surprising thoughts will be put on to you, the unsuspecting reader. Just telling it like it is…in his mind, mind you. Vito Bupkis may not be politically correct but he is as honest as they come. He tells you what he is thinking rather than what you want to hear, maybe some things you do not. His stance is simple honesty and his willingness to understand, and call out those who call out, especially when they are swimming in hypocrisy.  

It is almost a forgone conclusion, close to a guarantee you will be told off - in a comical way - at least once while reading for simply ignoring the view that could make you change your mind, or at least make you understand a different view...and not the one you are thinking.! 

Perfect for a daily reader or gift idea for a loved one who likes to tell it like it is or lacks a filter when out in the world due to common bullshittery.


If you are interested in a Author Direct signed copy by Vito, you can get one at

Reboor Jesus final logo.tif
Reboot Jesus



The reboot craze in Hollywood comes to an unholy frenzy as a creative team (who happen to be Atheists) come up with, then wind up protecting the most well-known public domain character in the world as they reboot the character called Jesus Christ. Read along as Hollywood vies to make the most scandalous and updated version they can get away with... of the greatest story ever told.

Watch the greatest story ever told unfold before your very eyes, using scripted imagination to show the different pitches and the escalating craziness that our writer Paul becomes embroiled in innocently enough through a satirical look at cancel culture and having a conversation of the two things most people hold dear. Jesus and the media.

Check out Vincent's blog "The Word With V." or if you are interested in Author Direct signed copies at

The Prophets of Chevelle



Imagine if you missed the end of the world due to a drunken and jam filled annual camping trip with your two sons and naturally, your best friend. Ray Rhodes and his buddy Eddie Hendrix along with his two sons Zack and Danny arrive as usual in the 66 Chevelle as they have every year since 1984. Armed with pots and pans, plenty of booze and the best rock music on earth. What they are unaware of is during their stay the world had ended due to a detonation of an EMP immediately sending the country back to the stone age. The human race must now bet it all on the laziest generation to ever have lived, unplugged from a world they used to swipe away...or so they thought.

From the limited knowledge they have, they must assume the world is at war or its already happened. There are no smartphones, no computers, no instant messaging, instant food, instant sex, instant movies or TV. There is no instant anything. They find the remaining townsfolks huddled in the theater freaking out since all the processed food is about to run out. There is no app for starving.

The guys soon realize they have the shit giving skills, knowledge and fortitude to teach the town how to survive and fortify as they figure out the new normal. 

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ReBuddha Hippychick



The Reboot Universe expands with ReBuddha Hippychick! Follow the journey with the arrival of Violet Skye and her journey of internal struggle. After being lost and her mind wandering for years, Violet finds herself in the dessert at a roadside hippy gemstone shop. A visit that would forever change her life. The decision to rebuild her life and to heal from a soul crushing experience that her and many others forever changed. Will Violet find her way back by dumb luck, fate or by circumstance.


A new cast of characters and a familiar face or two come together at The Circle of Friends, a place of wonder and magic right in the middle of nowhere, and the hot springs of course. Half Bud and Breakfast, and half hospice for those who may not have the finances to stay elsewhere to recover or to fade away. Nothing in life is free, there is always a catch, there is a cost of course. It is just personal. The payment is to share the story of their life with others when they gather to celebrate life every Friday night. It is a constant. The circle is always there for those in pain or laughter. Some will chose to start their life anew, others will choose to complete their cycle at the Circle.

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