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The Book of Vito Bupkis arrives!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Vito Bupkis comes into the scene like a verbal tornado of what some would deem inappropriate, bombastic and outrageous. Sure is, but it is in good fun. It is a shot of whisky with a chaser of sarcasm. It is just the way he talks. One could call it spicy wrapped truth, something he learned as a street kid.

Having lived his life behind the scenes of some of the most powerful people in music, film, politics and more, he does not share certain things like details and do not ask him about others business because it is none of his and he would say none of yours. He does not tell those types of stories, that is just his past. He did not see a thing and knows nothing about anything he may or may not have worked for or with.

Vito comes at you with his crass asphalt alley philosophy. Straight from the heart and filled with expletives. Not in a mean manner, more like harmless old school humor that may have a cutting edge at I do not know, all times. Pointing out society’s stupidity is his favorite past time, and he hopes laughing is yours. Sometimes things just do not make sense and when that happens, he has a lot of questions and he starts poking fun. Vito Bupkis may be rough around the edges, but you can see he means well, and he is passionate about his fellow humans getting a fair shake. If he sees something he does not like, do not worry, he will say something. Of course, if you want to hear it or not is besides the point, but we think you will.

Vito brought the Reboot Jesus project to Vaudeville Press, LLC., that his cousin, Author Paul Jacobsen wrote. The very reason he became national news of some kind. What a different world. Part of getting that Book deal was publishing Vito’s book as a measure of trust. Vito’s book also had to be intact and not a word changed. Do not worry he does not believe in lizard people; he just does not like people putting any words in his mouth other than the ones he speaks. about a major media cancellation of a writer that because of a simple joke, cost him everything he owned and worked for. Life destroyed. Blacklisted.

Paul is believed to be in hiding, having changed his identity. Vito had his book of rants and we decided it was a historical snapshot of interesting times and how far the pendulum has swung and what he saw coming. He also did not have time to update the book due to the Reboot Jesus problem he had to go help his cousin out with as he had been detained for a few years, but that is another story completely. Also, not a bad cost to grab a story ripped from the headlines somewhere, at some point.

A great gift for Dad. A fun and entertaining daily reader.

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