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Vaudeville Press to launch first Podcast with Vincent Kustush's "CreatiVity"

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

What would the world look like if creativity was embraced?

Vaudeville Press is pleased to announce their first foray into the world of podcasting. Debuting with “Creativity” hosted by Author, Vincent Kustush. Come along on the ride while Vincent explores the creative process with various artists, musicians, writers, comedians, actors and others who practice inventive ways they tap into using their creativity to help sell their product or brand, make a statement and or possibly change the world. What did point "A" look like and how did it change by the time you got to "Z". Sometimes the tiniest of instances can turn a behemoth of a project on it's ear and change entirely from a whim, smell or wild hair.

“Creativity” will of course comment on new releases and upcoming projects as well as focus on friends of Vaudeville Press, both old and new. This ongoing verbal exchange is about sharing the experience with audience on how they express the muse that compels them to create.

Episode one kicks off with fellow Author Vito Bupkis and his story on not only how his book came to be but how he wound up bringing Reboot Jesus to our attention and the partnership we now enjoy with the unique and verbose Vito Bupkis, who is not afraid to tell it like it is.

On this podcast we Vincent will be talking to rock stars, actors, painters, comedians and others who use creativity to earn a living and to inspire others. Some of them you may know, some you may not and some you need to know about. One thing that makes creative minds a little better is sharing those ideas and concepts, chewing on them and spitting them out as your own with a little extra added extra flavor.

We have seen where others creativity has taken us and where it can lead. Only a couple of hundred years ago there was not a car in sight, a plane in the sky or any other means of communication higher than writing letters with pen and ink or sitting a spell. Look at where we have traveled because of people’s imaginative solutions to everyday problems and non-problems alike. Where will your creativity lead us and what might we learn from the expression? Can an idea still save the world? We are betting on a yes. Creativity will be available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and where all major podcasts are otherwise available.

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