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Steven Schwab

When Schwab's tireless imagination isn't circling planets on the far side of the Milky Way, in search of new life forms to contrast with the wacky human species, he is at his laptop reading/researching/writing, walking his dogs, feeding chickens, playing Uber dad, canoeing, and strolling through the gorgeous woods on his north Florida homestead.


His professional experience launched in the U.S. Navy. He treated patients on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at a US Naval Hospital. He is a ten-year U.S. Navy veteran, and holds certifications in medical and neuropsychiatric fields. His clinical, and management experience, at the largest Psychiatric treatment facility in the U.S. military underpins all of his creative writing - and humor.


After completing his undergraduate degree at Old Dominion University, and James Madison University (JMU), he worked for a cutting-edge video yearbook company out of Durham, NC, servicing Ivy League schools, large universities, and a number of private high schools across the USA. He was also a business partner in two small companies in Fort Lauderdale - a cafe, and a recording studio/music-publishing/band-booking agency.


Schwab advised hundreds of students, and managed numerous professional teams, during an academic management career spanning 35 years as a college professor, Department Chair, Dean, Executive campus director, President, Board of Directors member, and more. Schwab designed curriculum, managed, and taught college degree programs in emerging & transformative telecommunication engineering, design, entertainment, medical, and media arts fields.


In the classroom, he coached engineering minds to grasp design fundamentals, and artistic minds to grasp engineering fundamentals. His favored teaching tools are analogy, and humor. He sharpened these tools while delivering classes such as visual literacy, design basics, and engineering fundamentals, to both left and right-brained students. Schwab is published in numerous academic journals.  


Schwab's writing experience draws from formal education, fatherhood, teaching, psychiatric care delivery, and management experience. As an undergraduate at JMU, he was fortunate to enroll in Scriptwriting with professor, Glyn Jones ("Doctor Who" screenwriter, actor, author, & director). Jones also directed Schwab in a stage play. Schwab's collegiate teaching experience includes Media Writing, News Writing, and Scriptwriting (linear/non-linear). He logged thousands of hours coaching, editing, and grading college students' writing - with the coffee receipts to prove it.


Schwab returned to his undergraduate alma mater JMU, to teach as an associate professor. He designed, and launched, a B.S. degree in Telecommunication where students study video/voice/data transmission, media marketing, entertainment business, and regulatory issues.


Schwab possesses an insatiable learning appetite for visual design, engineering, physics, psychology, anthropology, cutting-edge science discovery, mythology, nutrition, and counter-intuitive analysis. Schwab also holds two graduate degrees from Barry University in Miami, and certification to teach math, science, and social studies.


Schwab was born in Chicago, raised in south Florida, and worked across the US. His mother and father were born to immigrants. He has six children, ages 24 - 11.

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