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Paul Jacobson

Before the events of Reboot Jesus, Paul Jacobson made his living making low budget episodic documentary television. Even though he had never received any awards made of gold, he wound up working for every major network, broadcast, cable and streaming) throughout his career before being unceremoniously canceled from society for a writing project no one read a word of, until now.

After his television career abruptly ended, he disappeared into the ether. He has retained out of the spotlight and unreachable as of the publishing of his book. Having given his script samples and writing a bunch of chapters he handed off and protected by his cousin Vito Bupkis, who entrusted Vaudeville Press, LLC. to release the Reboot Jesus story per Paul's specific instruction.

We are not sure if Paul Jacobson will reappear to tell another story, with or without us, or if he has retired peacefully, enjoying life out of the headlines.


We published his book without an editor as he instructed. We hope when he does return to the world of writing, he will trust us again. He has compiled a full length screenplay of all the Reboot Jesus pitches that tells the story of Jesus life, known as REBOOT JESUS: SCRIPTSTURES. The one that made people have a conniption. Available exclusively at with permission from the author.

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