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Vito Bupkis

Vito Bupkis may not be politically correct but he is as honest as they come. He is a natural born storyteller He tells you what he is thinking rather than what you want to hear, maybe somethings you do not. His stance is simple honesty and his willingness to understand and to call out those who call out, especially when they are swimming in hypocrisy.

Bupkis, from the limited information he would share he had started out in Miami's entertainment scene in the late 1980's and for the next twenty years providing security consulting and procurement for the biggest actors, musical acts and the the Hollywood elite of a generation ago.

Ten years later Vito returned from his self imposed absence and became a private detective of sorts and also found his love of writing his opinion and is working on a book based on his behind the scenes checkered past. His involvement with his cousin, writer Paul Jacobson, eventually lead him to Vaudeville Press documenting the reboot Jesus situation.

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