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Vincent Kustush

Vincent Kustush worked in the film and television world for well over a decade and a half. He managed sizable budgets and crews on commercial shoots for directors such as Michael Bay, Zach Snyder, Tony Scott, Ridley Scott and Tony Kaye. He coordinated Special FX for multiple years working on many television productions and awards shows such as The Academy Awards, Emmys, Billboard, MTV, etc. He also worked directly with creatives on over three hundred national spots for fortune 500 companies, and including some with prior advertising executive turned author, James Patterson.


Vince mainly worked in the Special FX department, and assisted in the production department on over 20 feature films including directors Martin Scorsese on "Cape Fear," (starring Robert De Niro), and Jocelyn Moorhouse on "How to Make An American Quilt" (starring Wynona Ryder). He consulted on tours for Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, and Janet Jackson, just to name a few. Music video work includes Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, and the legendary Johnny Cash. ​


Following his career ending injury he became an advocate for the aging, and the disabled communities. He eventually launched a company focused on maximizing mobility, designing lifestyle transition, and achieving maximum independence for clientele. Vince influenced how the disabled are treated through advocacy, and direct action, in his home state of Illinois.


Vince is now returned to the creative life. He is turning his experience of working with script and story in music, television and film, into another medium - the printed page. He is currently authoring an ongoing series of books inhabiting the same "Rebootiverse" that he hopes will keep you laughing, and entertained.

Check out Vincent's blog "The Word With V." or if you are interested in Author Direct signed copies at

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